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I would like to sign up with San Diego Nanny Care. How do I get started?
Simply complete the Family Application and Agreement and fax it into our office at 800-682-8154. We also recommend that you call us directly at 760-943-6866 or email us at to make sure we received it.

What is the San Diego Nanny Care placement fee?
We charge a $250 upfront fee with your application, which is non-refundable if you choose to cancel your San Diego nanny search. Upon hire, our placement fee is 1 month of the nanny’s gross salary. For babysitting or temporary and /or vacation nanny placement, we charge $50/day or $300/wk.

What is included in your San Diego nanny placement fee?
Every nanny that is registered with San Diego Nanny Care has had an in-person interview with our San Diego Nanny Care councilors. The nanny fills out a lengthy 15-page application & questionnaire. The application allows us to get to know them and their employment history. After they have completed the application, a San Diego Nanny Care councilor will go over their work history as well as interview them personally. All San Diego nannies must have a minimum of 3 years experience and excellent references. In addition to all screening procedures, we offer a 1-year replacement period and a thorough background check on your San Diego nanny that includes a social security number trace, a residence history check, a National criminal and sex offender search and a DMV report. Your nanny will also have current CPR and First Aid before she starts.

What is your replacement guarantee?
If you need a replacement for any reason during the first year, we will offer replacement services without an additional fee.

How much do San Diego nannies get paid?
Keep in mind that the hourly rate for San Diego nannies depends on how many children you have, how many hours they are working, how much housekeeping, cooking, laundry, driving and other duties are required as well as their experience level. Each nanny is different depending on their own personal limitations and what hourly rate they are used to making.
The hourly rate is in addition to our San Diego nanny placement fee.

Current Hourly Rates for San Diego Nannies

Full time, live out nannies $12-$20/hr or $480-$800/wk.
Full time, live in nannies  $10-$15/hr or $400-$600/wk.
Part time nannies $12-$20/hr or an equivalent salary.
Babysitters  $15-$20/hr with a 4 hour minimum

Do I pay my nanny or do you?
After you have hired someone, you will pay them directly every week or biweekly since they are your employee. It is recommended that you should speak with a tax specialist for all questions related to nanny taxes.

What happens after I send in my Family Application?
After you sign up with us, we will call you to go over your application. We will then send over San Diego nanny profiles that are looking for a position similar to the one you are offering. We prefer that you call the San Diego nannies directly for a phone interview and then from there you can set up an in person interview. If you like, we can help you set up the in-person interviews. After you meet the nannies, you will need to call us and let us know which one(s) you liked and who you would like to hire. Before you officially hire one of our nannies, we recommend that you so a try out for at least 1 week. After you have completed the trial period and notify us that you are hiring someone, we will run a background check as well as renew CPR & First Aid (if needed). This is usually completed within 1 week.

What is the average age of your San Diego nannies?
San Diego Nanny Care has San Diego nannies of all age groups. Most of our San Diego nannies are in their mid-twenties, thirties and forties. We have some wonderful San Diego nannies that are married and have raised their own children, as well as some who are grandparents with extensive experience.

Who are your nannies?
San Diego Nanny Care represents only the most professional and experienced San Diego nannies. All nannies registered with San Diego Nanny Care must have a minimum of 3 years child care experience. All candidates registered with San Diego Nanny Care are U.S. citizens or are legal to work in the United States. All of our nannies speak English fluently as a native or second language. Most of our nannies have a university degree, teaching credential or are high school graduates at the very least. On occasion, we do work with other reputable nanny agencies in order to get you the best San Diego nannies possible.

How many hours per day are nannies expected to work?
On average nannies will work 8-10 hours per day, however this is negotiable. We highly recommend that each family do a nanny work agreement so that there is no miscommunication on what the exact hours and duties will be.

  1. We can meet with you in person to discuss your unique needs.
  2. We do this full time, M-F from 8am-6pm and you can always reach us. We are not an agency that does this “on the side’. This is our primary occupation.
  3. We concentrate on you exclusively and treat all of our clients with the highest levels of confidentiality and respect. We offer you the most personal service available, always paying attention to detail and your specific family’s values. We really do care and go the extra mile.
  4. We only select the best San Diego nannies for you to interview. We only work with top-notch nannies.
  5. We are a professional service and have been placing San Diego nannies for 12 years.
  6. We offer a full 1-year replacement policy.
  7. We have worked with high profile families and understand their needs.
  8. We are here to help you before, during and after your San Diego nanny is hired.
  9. We have no problem giving you our personal cell numbers so that you can reach us at any time.
  10. We cross our T’s and make sure our San Diego nannies have a standard background check in addition to Trustline. We also send our San Diego nannies to CPR and First Aid classes (if needed).

What makes your service different from the others?
There are several reasons to consider doing business with us.

How long will it take me to find a San Diego nanny though your service?
It usually takes 1-6 weeks to find a San Diego nanny, depending on your schedule. It's best to start the process 2-4 weeks before you actually need someone. After reviewing your needs, we will start sending San Diego nannies over right way. We strongly encourage you to meet them as soon as possible, since they will be interviewing with other San Diego families too. It is important to let the nanny know if you are interested in them, and to let us know who you like. Otherwise, your San Diego nanny might be hired out by someone else in the meantime.

What is your interview and reference checking process?
The reference checking process begins with an extensive face-to-face interview at our San Diego Nanny Care office. Shortly after, all references are contacted and verified. We have been checking references for 12 years and have a highly sophisticated questionnaire that we use to ask references. We also know the telltale signs of a bad reference. Once you decide you would like to hire one of our San Diego nannies, we will start the background check. This should only take 1-3 days to get back.

How often do I check in with you after you have found me a San Diego nanny?
It's up to you how often you'd like to check in with us. We usually call our client's after 90 days to make sure everything is going smoothly with their San Diego nanny.

Is a nanny an employee? What taxes do I need to pay?
For further information on San Diego nanny taxes, please contact GTM Payroll Services. They are one of the most established household payroll and nanny tax service providers in the U.S. They can be reached at 1-888-432-7972 or you can read more about their services at

FAQ for nannies

I'm a nanny, why should I use your San Diego nanny service?
San Diego Nanny Care was founded by a nanny who understands your needs. The owner, Wendy Pierce, is very sympathetic to all San Diego nannies and understands what is important for San Diego nannies to be happy in their work environments. In addition, we do not use peer pressure to make any of our San Diego nannies feel like they have to accept any position that we offer and we will not threaten to blacklist you (yes, believe it or not, other agencies do this!). We want our San Diego nannies to be happy and we want our client's to be happy too, and we will do whatever it takes to achieve this. Besides our good work ethics, San Diego Nanny Care has an A+ standing with the Better Business Bureau and has been placing San Diego nannies for over 12 years. We have been featured in countless magazines for our San Diego nanny services and are known in the community for being a great asset to San Diego nannies and families.

If I already have my own background check, will you accept it?
San Diego Nanny Care will not accept any background check unless it is Trustline, in which we will call Trustline the same day to verify records and request our own copy. We also run our own background check on all San Diego nannies that we place and you are welcome to a copy of that for your records. All San Diego nannies are encouraged to register with Trustline and are given information on Trustline when they come in. You must register with Trustline before you are placed with a family.

Do your services cost anything for San Diego nannies?
No. Our San Diego nanny placement services are always free to our nannies. If you don't have current CPR and First Aid or Trustline then you may be asked to pay for those, however, they will significantly increase your chances of finding a great job and look great on your resume.

Do you pay me or does the family pay me?
All of our San Diego nannies are paid directly by the family, as they will be your employer.

What if I want to quit? Will you find me another job?
We understand that not every nanny/family relationship works. With that said, we'd like to have some notice (if and when possible) so that we can find the family a San Diego nanny replacement. If you leave the job or are let go for a reason that is legitimate, then we will help you find another job. Most of our San Diego nannies have been with us for many years.